STATES, Grow Your Own
Palais de Tokyo Contemporary Art Museum
Paris, France
February 1 to May 6, 2007

Organized by artist Peter Coffin, Grow Your Own is an exhibition bringing together a wide selection of micronations, sovereign independent states, concept nation states, and secession movements. All are presented as a creative response to a global political climate.


Palais de Tokyo Contemporary Art Museum.

The doors opened at 6:00 for the private VIP reception.

  The flags of the micronations surround the room.
Stephen strikes his own State of Sabotage coin.


Stephen stands next to the display of his art.


According to the exhibition program:
"Micronations are countries (often without
territories) conceived by artists, eccentrics, political malcontents, or ego centrics. These micro-nations merge the imaginary, the artistic and the real in
their embrace of a parallel world, motivated by artistic and conceptual concerns, a dislike of paying taxes, an immoderate love of royal titles, or even
the simple desire to create a new civilization."


  Ten Dream-Dollars were in the exhibit, plus two Dream-Tokens.
  The VIP reception upstairs.
  The doors opened to the general public at 8:00 pm.